deception pass

“Pack up your stuff kids, we’re goin’ to the Dells. I wanna hear those seat belts go ‘click’!”

No matter our location or destination, all of our Adventures begin with the “Dells rally cry” in Karen’s strongly affected Wisconsin accent.

Friday’s Adventure was a trip to Whidbey Island and Deception Pass! After the picturesque Mukilteo Ferry ride we started the afternoon in Langley meandering along the beach, through the shops and made a short stop in the Langley Whale Center.

We headed north to Deception Pass State Park along Highways 525 and 20 taking in the scenes of small towns, farms and vineyards. The North Beach was empty late on a Friday afternoon despite the full campgrounds.

The beach was peaceful, the currents strong and the views made a great for a perfect start of the weekend.

The look says: “Take the photo. We’re going to miss the next ferry!”
A snapshot of a ferry, from a ferry.
A view from the North Beach at Deception Pass State Park.
The view from the North Beach at Deception Pass State Park.

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    1. I do!

      Interesting idea… I’ve been on _most_ of the WSFerries save the most northerly and southern routes. For example, I’ve never taken the Point Defiance Tahlequah or Friday Harbor Sydney routes.


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