teapot dome gas station

Yes. This is a post with a reference the Teapot Dome scandal.

I’ve not spent much time in Eastern Washington. On Friday, I drove from Seattle to Kennewick then back to Seattle on Saturday. A National Historic Registry marker for the Teapot Dome Gas Station along Highway 82 caught my eye so I turned off the highway into Zillah.

I recalled studying the Teapot Dome scandal in elementary school but couldn’t quite pull together how the scandal was related to Washington state. According to the kind and fun ladies who volunteer to staff site, the gas station was designed by Jack Ainsworth and built in 1922 both as a commentary on the scandal and to encourage travelers to stop by Zillah. A quote from the brochure:

They operated the gas station along with a store / fountain built on the same site. This was an era when gasoline dealers gave people something to look at and tell their friends about when they got home.

94 years later the Teapot Dome Gas Station continues to fulfill it’s original purpose.

Many thanks to the two ladies volunteering at the historical site and representing Zillah. Lovely to meet you and learn a bit about Zillah. Next time, I’ll be sure to swing by the Church of God Zillah!

architectural style: folly!


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    1. True, there is no ferry to Kennewick! The drive is (ahem) significant but worthwhile. The views!

      I’ve only seen a couple works of “novelty architecture”: The Longaberger Basket (Ohio), the big dinosaur outside of Rapid City, SD, Lucy The Elephant and, I suppose, All of Las Vegas.

      Truthfully, I hadn’t collected those things into a unique taxonomy. Until earlier today. When I was reading up on the gas station. This all seems like a huge gap in my education!

      Hope you are well!

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