wallace falls

The drive along Highway 2 from Seattle to Wenatchee is packed with places to stop and take in the sights.

Wallace Falls State Park just North of Gold Bar is a great place to stop for a hike. A Discover Pass is required and can be purchased from the ranger station near the parking lot.

While the falls are the advertised attraction, the old growth forest is stunning and worth exploring. I arrived early on Saturday morning, before Memorial Day, starting out on the Old Railroad Grade; by the time I cut down to the Woody Trail (map) the crowds had arrived. Impressive number of people on the trail despite a moderate to heavy rainstorm.

The precipitation also intensified the sounds from the high voltage lines near the trail head. I wish I’d packed my good microphone and captured the audio which reminded me more than a bit of the static from a (very loud) untuned AM radio.







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    1. Thank-you for the kind comment! I don’t have much experience hiking so I was in awe of the forest and the falls.

      I very much enjoy your photos and blog. My German is not very good but I’m able to follow along! Viel Spaß!

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