olympic sculpture park

After the rain stopped and just as the sky began to clear, I packed up cameras and snacks and took a bit of a walk to the Olympic Sculpture Park by way of the Pike Place Market.

I was first introduced to Calder’s works at the, then, Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. Calder’s “Pittsburgh” was on display in the 70’s. Being young, I was unaware of the controversy.

The Eagle at the Sculpture Park is, to my eye, stunning and the perch appropriate for the work. Back in 2009 the SAM hosted an exhibit of Calder’s works from Jon and Mary Shirley’s impressive collection. Incredible exhibit and the talk was fascinating, too.

A 360 view from beneath The Eagle and, below, a “small world” view of the same image.


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      1. My husband David and I went on the Bainbridge ferry yesterday to see our kids and our granddaughter, Eleanor, age three months. They don’t live there but we were able to all meet up over there near Poulsbo. Had a wonderful time, including the ferry ride. I had not been on a ferry for ages which is ridiculous as it is so accessible. We had no waiting, unlike today when many are returning from the weekend. Photo of Eleanor on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/valarie.bunn

      2. Ah! Eleanor! Lovely name and agreed: The Cutest Baby On Earth!!!!

        Taking a car across can be hard and nearly impossible on the edges of holiday weekends. When I lived on Bainbridge I always sighed when I would see a line of cars backed up on 305 at end of a holiday.

        Enjoy the balance of your evening!

  1. Nice rays in the sky! The last time I visited the Sculpture Park, all of the grown-up flora was pleasantly startling. The park seems to be aging well. Whenever I picture it in my mind, naturally I think back to the first year or two it was open and everything was so bare and new.

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