skyline plunge (?)

Last Saturday night we headed North to West Lakeview for a birthday celebration and noticed an odd sight as we passed The Wit: practice sessions for the Skyline Plunge!


We toddled over Sunday morning to watch a bit of the event which, to my eye, was difficult to distinguish from the “practice session”.

From my lowly perch at street level on the corner of State and Lake a couple of us decided next year’s plunge should take place in the Great Chicago Canyon on LaSalle Street. Spiderman-styled spandex suits for the participants would be super cool!





3 thoughts on “skyline plunge (?)

    1. Ah, right…context. Yes, The Wit is a hotel at the corner of State and Lake in the Loop. Nice place to stay should you find yourself in Chicago.

      Hope you are well! Have a great weekend!

      Note: Added a link to The Wit and fixed a couple of “pre-coffee/proof reading” typos…

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