Wabash Arts Corridor

I emerged from the Blue Line exit at Dearborn and Washington and was greeted by a beautiful, ten story tall mural of Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield, great name…who knew!). For the past 5 (6?) years Kay Rosen’s Go Do Good mural greeted and inspired Chicago at the corner of State and Washington. Great to see Muddy Waters above the street inspiring a new generation of Chicago musicians!

The new mural is another installation from the fine folks of the Wabash Arts Corridor. I’ve admired their work and installations for a couple of years. Now that the weather is a bit more reasonable, I’ll be out to photograph the current offerings.

Below, a couple of snapshots of the Go Do Good,  Eduardo Kobra’s new mural and Hebru Brantley‘s super fun work near the Roosevelt L stop.



The father of Chicago Blues at the corner or State and Washington. “He roller coaster, he got Muddy Waters…” — The Beatles.
One of Herbu Brantley’s super cool, super fly, super heros!

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