washington park arboretum

Sun or rain, a walk through the Washington Park Arboretum is always a good bet. Yesterday’s sun and warmth meant my chores around the house would need to wait. Without guilt, I hopped on an 11 and wandered through the Arboretum and took in the show.

The University of Washington’s historic review is a good read and the Arboretum’s interactive map is handy to those of us who aren’t master gardeners!

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I was so enamoured with the blooms I didn’t make many wide shots of the park save the three below.

One of the many well designed views from a bench on a trail.
A snapshot of the nearly never empty bench at the north end of the park. Watching groups of people take turns sitting for photos was fun and funny.
The view from the bench: an incredible dogwood.

Super nice to be able to walk from the Arboretum across the Montlake Cut to take the UW Light Link Rail back to Capitol Hill, too. Unfortunately, the weather will be even sunnier and warmer today so those chores will still need to wait!

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