puuurfect purrsistence

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Today’s meanderings took me to Seward Park. I’d like to say I was minding my own business while walking down the hill on S. Orca St. but that wouldn’t be true; I was peeking into the well curated, showy, Seattle-springy yards.

One yard was particularly spectacular so I lingered. Then I felt something on my leg.


A very persistent, outgoing, blue-eyed, orange tabby tipped Feline of Persistence and Distinction. He was tapping my leg with his paws.

He also licked my legs which I’ll take as a compliment just like I do when I’m home in Chicago with my own gal (The Bean) who takes a similarly disturbing adorable approach to getting my attention as I towel off after a shower.

Hey. You.
Yes. You!

His owner came over and we had a lovely chat: gardening, the weather, Chicago and Illinois (her home state!), politics and, of course, cats!

Lovely experience on a lovely day.


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