smoke, fire

Chicago Loop

Smoke at sunset from a fire at Lake and State. This is the only image I can make sense of right now, I’ve made many today. Comprehending this scene is easy: 💨 = 🔥

I am struggling to comprehend everything else, seen and unseen, right now.

6 thoughts on “smoke, fire

    1. I’m following Seattle as closely as I can. Are you and your family safe? I send my best. Be well.

  1. Thanks, Buttermilk Man. It’s mostly the downtown area which is in trouble 😒 And some along Jackson Street. I don’t understand why they don’t contain the downtown area and stop the looting. All the stores around Westlake broken into.

    1. Understood. It’s hard to understand the strategy here too; Michigan Ave., State Street and Wabash have all been looted here too. That said, the CPD has been out numbered all day and night. Glad you’re safe. Stay that way.

  2. Update. On Sunday citizens arrived in downtown Seattle with cleaning supplies, to erase graffiti and clean up broken glass. The retail district around Fifth & Pine is in shambles and I am sure some stores will never re-open. My husband David works Monday-through-Friday in an office building in downtown but well away from the retail core. He is driving to work now, rather than taking the bus, due to coronavirus cautions.

    1. Thank-you for the update. Similar civic engagement here. I walk through the Loop this morning and Chicagoans were cleaning up as best they could with brooms and bags and looking to a better future. I’ll post more photos when I can make better sense of what I’ve seen and feel.

      In the interim, my best wishes to you and David. I cherish our connection and hope to meet you in person someday soon.

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