lasalle / van buren

CTA Elevated Train Station

The CTA station at LaSalle and Van Buren opened in 1897. It’s one of my favorite stations in the Loop: aging, claustrophobic and charming. I believe the station houses are largely unaltered. The wood work and pressed tin ceilings and walls make it an interesting example of early CTA architecture. It would be sweet to see the city restore LaSalle / Van Buren in the style of the Quincy station.

Looking down from the platform as I cross to catch a Brown Line.
Station house.
Boarded, painted and peeling. A window at the top of the stairs.

4 thoughts on “lasalle / van buren

    1. I do not know! If the window wasn’t boarded up, and painted over, there would be a lovely view of the street below.

      The station house is a neat look back in time!

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