afternoon walk

a.k.a “Life’s Rich Pageant”

After a fun Sunday Brunch with good pals, we walked north from Lincoln and Armitage to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

We spent some time hanging out with the Grevy’s Zebras, Alpacas, Red (sleeping, not hopping) KangaroosBactrain Camels (two humps!), Sichuan Takins (really big goats!), Ostrichs (oh, the feathers!) and Chacoan Peccary.

Chase the links for fun facts and better pictures than I was able to make.

The Lakefront trail was crowded, the breeze off the Lake pleasant. The Cervantes inspired food truck, Don Elote, inspired my shopping for dinner: we had corn on the cob, always a good bet here this time of year. We spotted countless lost children’s shoes; never matched pairs, always singles. The sun and the heat drove us to a the cool, dark and possibly haunted confines of the Drake for a drink. We reminisced about the Phil Donahue Show as one does when recalling the Drake’s advertisements during the show’s opening (or closing?) credits.

A nice afternoon for a 2.5+ mile stroll home after brunch.





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