turtle races!

Turtle racing is a thing. A big thing at Big Joe’s 2&6. Every Friday night.


The Budweiser Turtle Race neon and the crowd’s enthusiasm is an declaration of the testudine performance sport’s legitimacy.


Not to worry: Chucks, Doozy, Swisher, Lucky Dan and Jolanda, handsome red eared sliders, are well cared for and cherished pets.

Sean, the evening’s super cool, hilarious and sweet Master of Ceremonies and Turtle Caller.


Doozy preparing for the lifting of dome.


Lucky Dan, I think, preparing his race face.


Tickets are dispensed with drinks

If your ticket number is called, you have a chance to pick the winner and draw the next ticket. The winning prize is a Big Joe’s 2&6 t-shirt, the losing prize is a drink. Tip: Jolanda may have been in a brumation phase (the turtle equivalent of hibernation) so if your number is called and you’re running low on cash for drinks Jolanda might be a good bet.


Watching the watchers watch the turtle race

The races are “broadcast” on screens throughout the bar. If you don’t arrive early, don’t fret, you’ll have a good view.

The night’s tense second race distilled into ~1 minute.

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