6 thoughts on “uss nimitz?

    1. I was very lucky to catch sight of the Nimitz!

      I saw the ISS back in the beginning of January, on the 5th and 6th. The astronauts went out for a spacewalk on the 6th. Humbling to watch the station “fly by” just before the walk.


      Hope you are well!

      1. I suspect it was Venus. I use an app to track ISS and didn’t have a pass on my calendar.

        But, hey! Venus is cool! Last night, the Moon, Venus and Mars were aligned in a neat triangle. Both planets should be visible through tomorrow night, especially just after dusk.

        Hoping for snow here too!

  1. OK, now according to your description it must have been Venus — sparkling and moving very fast, westward. I had never noticed it so bright! I saw it again this evening and will look for it on Thursday as well. I like twinkles in the sky. Also snowflakes.

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