Freestyle (photographer’s choice)

Today is the last day of my January Project. This has been challenging, sometimes taxing, frequently fun, and always educational. Shooting indoors is not my fave, and yet the weather, the early darkness and the demands of everday life frequently found me shooting in my living room-crappy lighting and all. But that just increased the challenge of attenpting to manipulate the light. I need more work.

Today I leave you with an assortment of shots from around the house, of things that I am especially fond of.

snapseedThe Smith Corona just reminds me that I should write more. The little books are incredibly old pocket-sized testaments and psalms that belonged to my great-great-grandfather.

snapseedBonus shot of Arwen, aka Meep, aka Cat of Tragedy for Karen.

snapseedMy Grandmother’s lamp


I once took a very similar picture of this gnome with Samantha’s camera when she wasn’t looking. She discovered it later when she got back to Chicago. 🙂


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