fay bainbridge / murden cove

A sturdy piece of driftwood at Fay Bainbridge State Park provided a front row seat for yesterday’s intense, beautiful rain and hail storm.

The park was empty save a family and a convocation of Eagles. The rain and hail chased the humans into a shelter for a picnic during the show while the Eagles perched high above in the pines.

After the storm abated, I packed up and headed down to Murden Cove for a soggy walk in the rain while taking in the views of Seattle and Yeomalt Point.

A 360 view of the scene from the beach.

a small world view of the beach
a long shot, with questionable focus, of the scene from the shelter.




from the Seattle ferry terminal
from the beach at Fay Bainbridge State Park

4 thoughts on “fay bainbridge / murden cove

  1. It occurs me I’ve yet to use “convocation” in my lifetime and I don’t know why because it’s a great word and I even know what it means. Nice images, Samantha. The boys and I got socked by that rain and hail at the Fremont Solstice (Oliver Fern ended up with a very soggy corn dog). Hope you are well, too.

    1. When I was a kid I was obsessed with collective nouns!

      Thanks for the kind words on the photos, much appreciated!

      I was thinking about the Solstice Parade on Saturday… yeeouch! I hope you and the boys had fun despite the weather!

      Take good care!

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