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This snapshot of Marshall Field’s clock on the corner of State and Randolph was made on a fall day last year. I’ve been back in Seattle, enjoying every minute (!), and missing Chicago. Time to stream WBEZ and plan a trip back home.


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    1. I do.

      Chicago is a wonderful city. My partner was born and raised in Chicago, I discovered the city through another friend who was also born and raised there. Chicago’s history, architecture and _the people_ are, soup to nuts, incredible. None of this takes anything away from my love of Seattle or Pittsburgh (where I was born and raised)!

      Chicago’s weather is almost always abysmal!

  1. I don’t think you could be from two better cities. I really enjoy visiting Chicago, I always find it overwhelming in a good way. My earliest big city memories are grade school visits to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. I was just about the most sheltered, dorky country bumpkin around and I distinctly remember feeling surprised when I got a load of Robert Mapplethorpe stuff that was heavily on display at the time. I wasn’t a sophisticated kid at all but something about the provocativeness itself and trying to understand it, flipped a switch in me. It was one of the first feelings I had in my younger years that I was on the first flipping bus out of Podunk. God bless art teachers! At any rate, my great grandparents were part of the big Czech immigration into Chicago. When my grandpa was born and growing up they lived in a Bohemian neighborhood right inside the city. One of my younger brothers lives in the city and I reckon he’s probably a lifer by now.

    This is kind of lame of me, but if you were forced to pick one or the other, would you choose Chicago or Seattle?

    1. I am unbelievably fortunate to call both Seattle and Chicago home. I try to appreciate that fortune every day!

      My observation is Chicago is “the biggest small town in the world” or, perhaps, “the smallest big city in the world.” Something like 2M people and, still, my partner and I always run into someone one, or both, of us know when we’re out and about. Overwhelming…agreed. On any given day or night there are so many things to do and see. I have a membership to the Art Institute and do my best to catch all of the new exhibitions there, at the MCA, the Cultural Museum, etc. Three cheers for to the Arts and those who teach!!! So much to do, see, hear and eat.

      Fascinating that your grandparents were part of the Czech migration. So many migrated to Chicago. The ethnic neighborhoods in Chicago are just small enough to remind me of the neighborhoods I knew from growing up in Pittsburgh! Side note: Have you read “The Warmth of Other Suns”? Neat that your brother still lives in Chicago, too!

      I don’t think the question is lame but my response probably is: I’m hoping to defer that choice as long as I possibly can! Let me give that question some thought, though!

      1. Thanks for opening me up to “The Warmth of Other Suns”. I just skimmed a summary of it on the web and jotted the title down on my personal list of things to look at more. It sounds really good.

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