space needle/ship

The weather on Friday, really all week, was brilliant. Bright, sunny, warm days and we’ve gained ~15 minutes of light over the past seven days!

I thought it would be nice to head over to the Space Needle and make a study of Carlson, Graham and Steinbrueck’s design a bit closer up than I had earlier in the week. The Space Needle looks good in any light but particularly against the backdrop of an azure sky.

Turns out, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper were taking in the sun and the sights. We had a nice chat but Darth Vader wants his building back!

A couple of snapshots of my new friends, the the Space Needle impersonating a Space Ship (double exposure, in camera) and medium shot of the “saucer section”.

Update: Link to Seattle Times article and photos of the steel workers who built the Space Needle.

7 thoughts on “space needle/ship

    1. Well, I don’t know if he had a meeting with Jeff!

      Vader was, actually, a very well composed costumed prop. The Storm Trooper brings him out photo ops and tips. Is photo-busking a “thing”? 😉

      Before I made the photo, the Storm Trooper posted with a couple from England. Apparently the grandkids were going to go “off the trolley” when they saw their Grandad and Gran with DARTH VADER!

      1. That’s pretty cute about the couple from England and the future reaction of their grandkids, haha! And yes, I think photo-busking is probably a thing. And that just got me to thinking that with Comicon a couple days away there’s the potential for ever more unusual characters roaming the town.

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