space needle/ship

The weather on Friday, really all week, was brilliant. Bright, sunny, warm days and we’ve gained ~15 minutes of light over the past seven days!

I thought it would be nice to head over to the Space Needle and make a study of Carlson, Graham and Steinbrueck’s design a bit closer up than I had earlier in the week. The Space Needle looks good in any light but particularly against the backdrop of an azure sky.

Turns out, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper were taking in the sun and the sights. We had a nice chat but Darth Vader wants his building back!

A couple of snapshots of my new friends, the the Space Needle impersonating a Space Ship (double exposure, in camera) and medium shot of the “saucer section”.

Update: Link to Seattle Times article and photos of the steel workers who built the Space Needle.

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  1. Um……. wow. What in the heck was Vader doing down there?
    Let me guess……. checking in with Bezos?

    • Well, I don’t know if he had a meeting with Jeff!

      Vader was, actually, a very well composed costumed prop. The Storm Trooper brings him out photo ops and tips. Is photo-busking a “thing”? 😉

      Before I made the photo, the Storm Trooper posted with a couple from England. Apparently the grandkids were going to go “off the trolley” when they saw their Grandad and Gran with DARTH VADER!

      • That’s pretty cute about the couple from England and the future reaction of their grandkids, haha! And yes, I think photo-busking is probably a thing. And that just got me to thinking that with Comicon a couple days away there’s the potential for ever more unusual characters roaming the town.

      • Comic Con is in FULL swing! My walk home last night was filled with fun characters and plenty of interesting sights!

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