Above, a reflection of the Space Needle in the “Darth Vader” building at 4th and Blanchard. I like effect of the window: distorting the edges of the image and and the color of the highlights and mid-tones.

Below, the Space Needle as seen through a tree from the corner of 4th and Blanchard.


3 thoughts on “reflection

  1. You are kidding me, this is a reflection? It’s pretty clear for a reflection. Hey, and what were you doing at the Darth Vader building? Did you read what David B. Williams said about that building, in his book Too High and Too Steep? He wrote that the tenth floor is the height of the former Denny Hill so from the tenth floor you can get an idea of what it was like before the maniacal regrading project.

    Jason (Tyrannosaurus Fir) and Paul (Feeding Squirrels on My Way to Work) have been to one of David B. Williams’ book talks and so have I! How about you?

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