walking home

The great fortune of a walking commute is a cherished part of my life.

Snapshots taken while walking around the Market and after work on Monday night. The man with the cat on his shoulder, the roses bright while the light was low, the kindness of the vendors giving fruits and vegetables to the homeless as the stands are close down until it all begins again tomorrow…


The ferries are undeterred by a rainstorm moving in across the Sound.


The band of rain moves across the water, the skies to the West brighten.


The Bainbridge Island ferry arriving Seattle.

Shot through a fan and window.


While the sky was dark, roses reflect every bit of the low light.


A very kind man and his very curious cat.



If you watch closely, you’ll see the homeless congregate in the Market as it closes. The vendors often fill bags with fruits and vegetables and slip them to the people who need the food the most.

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