lovely rainy sunday!

Given the rain and clouds scrubbing postponing the day’s plan to drive over to Gold Bar presented the opportunity to take in the views from West Seattle.

The lovely, rainy spring day presented scenes I adore: grey skies, low contrast views of the Islands across the Sound and, bonus(!), an invasion (of sorts) of Vikings (I hope)!

The snapshot of the islands was taken from the Emma Schmitz Memorial Outlook. I chose the park after reading the reason she donated the land: “for park…and no other purpose whatsoever.”* Thank-you Mrs. Schmitz!

Perhaps my friends in Norway will help me name the type of boat used for the Great Seattle Invasion of 2016? The Kulturhistorik museum‘s Viking Ship Museum has helped me eliminate de Nordlandsbåt, Faerings and Oselvar

*Thanks to the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department.





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