bringing ice to life

Jet Ice Super White 3000

It won’t be long now! The ice rink at Millennium Park is scheduled to open on the 19th of November! Fun to catch the ice rink crew laying down the ice. According to the guys, Jet Ice Super White 3000 is the best ice paint; they were enthusiastic. The ice paint is mixed with water, then mixed again and sprayed onto the surface of the rink. They will also paint the Hilton logo on the center of the rink.

The irony of the Hilton sponsorship of the rink at Millennium Park, home of the Pritzker Pavillion named for the founders of Hyatt hotels, always makes me chuckle.

And yes, the device they use to spray the paint does, in fact, have a significant overspray problem; my kicks need a bit of a bath.

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