alone with the Bean

A quiet, empty park

The morning after the last big snowfall I walked over to the Bean to take in the scene. Rather nice to have some quiet time, alone with the Bean. I do wonder if the Bean minded that I interrupted her quiet morning.

4 thoughts on “alone with the Bean

  1. It looks so weird from that angle. As if it’s in a regular neighborhood. Incredible how it changes everything, the snow, where you’re standing. Actually, I think The Bean is lonely.

    1. Riiight? I can’t even begin to imagine the Bean in neighborhood but I do wonder which one she’d choose! I suspect she was lonely, too. ❤️

  2. I second the weird motion. At this resolution, the snow on the bean gives the reflected skyline a phantasmagoric appearance, the illusion of mountains and such. I think the bean started without you…

    1. Oh! Fascinating! Now that you mention it, I see that illusion too! Also, I don’t know that I’ve “stopped”…. 😂

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