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“Strangeways, Here We Come” isn’t my favorite Smith’s album but it marks a place and a time and always reminds me of my super cool pal Sam. Yep, one of my best pals is named Sam.

4 thoughts on “strangeways

  1. reminds me one of my best friends shares the same name with her wife Amanda who is also a good family friend and I’ve struggled over the years to not subordinate her by initializing her but sometimes it’s so hard in conversation, haha. I’ll always look back quite, quite fondly at the Smiths and R.Morrissey’s place in my music evolution (?) (and speaking of the Smiths, isn’t it funny to following the rock and roll tree to Modest Mouse with Johnny Marr’s brief, unlikely detour to Portland?). it’s disappointing the slants of some of Morrissey’s past opinionizing although it’s been so long, I wonder if he’s ever done any sort of about face with age? I remember some sort of dust up a couple of years ago where he left a tour in the States in the lurch but otherwise I can’t think that I’ve heard much about him lately (thought he did something on Broadway, right)? Sorry for the longwinded digression 🙂

    1. Yea, my Sam and I go by “Sam 1” and “Sam 2” but that nomenclature is confusing since people apply the identifiers to refer to which one of us they knew first. And, yes! I was thinking about our Modest Mouse connection, too. I recall his interview, and troubling comments, with Der Spiegel a couple of years back. I don’t believe he ever expressed remorse. All that said, The Smiths will always be special to me: the times, the people and the enduring friendships I made to those “soundtracks”.

      Take good care, pal!

  2. and by slant of course I’m referring to the certain bigotry. because the overall opinionizing obviously comes with the rock diva territory

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