marina city

Marina City and a man crossing the State Street bridge from the Riverwalk on a very cold morning.

The temperature yesterday morning (6F) felt, comparatively, spring-like so I made the foolish decision to walk over to the river. I wasn’t out long before I hustled back down State Street like I was being chased by a ghost.

3 thoughts on “marina city

  1. Thanks for the tag on Bertrand Goldberg. Interestingly, upon cursory research just now I would discover the same architects who designed Seattle’s similar (but IMHO arguably far less comparatively interesting now that I’ve looked at them closer anew) Westin corncobs were also responsible for the design of the Space Needle. Never knew that. But clearly Goldberg’s corn cobs are the real thing and being that they’re perched on the edge of the prairie there’s a symmetry of place one has to appreciate if willing or able to make such a leap.

    1. I knew John Graham designed both but I wasn’t aware of the influence of one on the other! Neato! Everytime I see the Westin, Modest Mouse songs fill my ears.

    2. Goldberg’s style doesn’t naturally appeal to me (see Prentiss Women’s Hospital) but I have grown fond of the Corn Cobs. Similarly to the Westin in Seattle, I always hear Wilco when I walk past Marina City. I hope you are well, pal!

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