always have a backup

screw loose

During a meeting yesterday, I took off my glasses only to find the temple had fully and completely separated from the rim. I’d noticed something was loose earlier in the morning. Fortunately, I was able to find my backup pair (which don’t have a current prescription) bundle up (it’s pretty cold here right now) and head over to Wabash Ave (home of Chicago’s Jeweler’s Row). A watch repairman can repair anything. There’s a teeny, tiny screw someplace in the apartment. I’ll probably find it in a couple of years.

One thought on “always have a backup

  1. Well, there was always duct tape, which is the route I figure I’ll be taking sooner or later. Not as elegant a solution as a watchmaker, for sure. I’m waiting for this summer to refresh my eyeglasses. Because you’re so right, one should…..always have back-up.

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