waiting for a train


From yesterday morning’s pre-polar vortex grocery run. A common pre-pandemic experience, riding the CTA trains, has become a surreal experience.

3 thoughts on “waiting for a train

  1. What about it in particular is most surreal? Are the CTA trains the same as trains like the blue or red line right inside the city or is that the more, farther commuter system? My brother lives in Logan square and had gotten away with riding his bike down to the loop for work once or twice a week until now. He lives just a minute or two from the train and ordinarily that’s how he goes downtown but for the time being he’s going to drive down, since he’s only going into the office to pick work up or for work that’s too hard to do around his family (my niece is a few years old).

    1. Hey, pal! The entire experience, actually. I don’t have a car in Chicago and, due to COVID, haven’t felt comfortable riding on the trains. So, my world here has shrunk quite a bit, mostly to the limits of where I can walk, weather permitting. The absence of commuters adds a surrealness, too. Pre-pandemic, the platforms would be packed with people going to and fro at all times of the day. The trains have also become more of a safe haven for those at risk, especially this winter.

      I recall that you have a brother here. When the weather was more temperate, it was nice to see more people out riding on the paths, especially downtown and on the lakefront paths.

      Here’s hoping you and yours are safe and well.

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