wabash walk, part 2

Approaching Randolph

A couple on their Sunday morning walk through the Loop during the weekend’s snowstorm.

2 thoughts on “wabash walk, part 2

  1. I love these with the circlish globules (?) of snowflakes. Are you just shooting totally wide open for a picture like this? The snowflakes are so bright in the exposure as though you’re bouncing a flash off them. I grew up staying home from school from lake effect storms (the other side of Lake Michigan) but I’ve never really done a lot of photography in the snow except for good weather in the Cascades or snow days in Seattle. You’ve been prolific and hardworking pounding the streets of the city, a phantom of the shutter impervious to the cold blasts off the prairie

    1. Hey! Thanks for the kind words!

      Both, actually: shooting wide open and using a speedlight to illuminate the flakes. It’s the “effect of the moment” in the photography community here in Chicago; they refer to it as “snokeh”. It’s been funny to see all of the photographers in Chicago out on the streets at night with speedlights, strobes or on-camera flashes shooting the iconic sights and the snow. All of the flashes have been reminding me of fireflies we have on warm summer evenings!

      Love this: “…a phantom of the shutter impervious to the cold blasts off the prairie.” The polar vortex has come for a visit so I’m not sure if I’ll continue to be impervious but I am, still, determined! Be well.

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