plow tracker!

210 trucks and plows

Finally! A chance to watch Chicago’s snow plows move about the city. Earlier this year, I read about the blizzard that closed the city in 1979 and cost the Mayor at the time, Michael Bilandic, his job.

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  1. Yeah, that 1979 blizzard. My car disappeared beneath a snowdrift, and for about a month and a half that was all that was visible. Then one day I came home and both the drift and the car were gone… the car towed to the old Comiskey Field parking lot. The snow may have been shipped out of Chicago by rail. The water pipes in the basement burst, and for a week or two my neighbors and I would consult on when to go down to the street, reach down into the access pipe to turn the water on, briefly, for the evening. Said car never ran again and I was glad to be rid of it as I shortly after moved to the north side. Fun memories but only from a great distance.

    1. Wow. What an experience. Thank-you for the details. Until I read that history of Chicago, I’d only known the context of how Byrne used the lack of the city’s response against Bilandic to win the mayoral election. I hadn’t realized the city already had a foot or snow on the ground before the blizzard. I understand why the distance helps, pal. Here’s hoping you and yours are well and warm today!

    1. Ooof! He certainly did. From what I’ve read, many of the errors were forced. Glad this “storm” isn’t really much, TBH. The snow sure is pretty, tho, and a welcome “event”. Be well and stay warm, friend.

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