better, stronger, faster…

Little Sam

In an attempt to create a bit of levity in my team’s meetings I’ve been working on re-building my Bitmoji as the basis for a Character Animator puppet.

Fun to have the basic structure in place, now I need to work on facial expressions, mouth shapes, animating the arms and hands, a couple of wardrobe changes, and background scenes.

And, yes, you’ll notice I don’t have any pants on…or legs for that matter…yet.

Always nice to spend the weekend with my old friend Adobe Illustrator.

2 thoughts on “better, stronger, faster…

    1. In “real life”? No. I am keeping with my habit of a shower and dressing for work as if I were heading into the office each day. It’s more comforting to me than not.

      I hope you and your family are staying safe and staying well.

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