Two eggs in the nest!

So very neat to watch this little lady incubate her eggs just outside of the office window!

A couple of hummingbird fun facts from a
— Incubation time is ~14-16 days, up to 21 in cooler weather. These kids will incubate longer than 16 days if today’s temps are predictive of the next couple of days.
— Almost without exception, the female Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) lays two tiny white eggs in her nest. Only one egg would not maximize the female’s reproductive potential, but three would produce too many chicks for her to care for successfully.
— The nest, constructed from spiderwebs and plant parts, is adorned with bits of lichen that make the nest very difficult to find. <– True. It would have been difficult to see if we hadn’t seen her flying to and fro.

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