2 thoughts on “transfer

  1. You are kidding me, a bus transfer? This is a “found object,” right? I mean, it’s not yours…I didn’t even know that they still had these…. I have a bus card. On the other hand, I keep forgetting that I don’t have a Starbuck’s card any more, I can pay with my phone… which I remembered after looking for my Starbuck’s card in my purse.

    1. Riiight? Actually, the driver handed me a transfer after I used my Orca card. I tried to hand it back, he laughed and just said keep it. I think he was on “auto pilot”. So, I stuffed it into my pocket and made this image as I chortled at the memory. Bus transfers, paper money and credit cards will be far less prevalent in the near future. Be well!

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