4 thoughts on “still life

    1. Thank-you! I think it’s just a silly little head cold but it sure is annoying. Good advice, too. I’ve managed 9+ hours the pas two nights and will continue to get to bed early. Hope you are well!

  1. Nice close-ups! I’m under the weather this week, too. When I get that way, I definitely hit the cupboards far more than usual, almost unconsciously at first. It’s this mysterious gnawing initial hunger pang which ultimately develops into full-blown frantic grazing and when it happens I just relax and go with the flow. Hope you feel better soon. Always like seeing your posts in the reader for Seattle and PNW.

    1. Riiiight? If I am able to eat, my nose is in the cupboard and fridge! Thanks! I’m getting good night’s sleeps and hope to be back to 100% before the end of the weekend (just in time for the work week). Heh. And thank-you for the kind words about my photography. I hope you are well!

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