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    1. Yes! I’m back in Fremont and happy to be “home”. Are you referring to the statue of the UW crew member that memorializes their participation in the 1936 Olympic games? If so, I’ve had the same thought! Hope you are well!

  1. Here’s a project to drive yourself nuts. Try to get a photo of “Joe!” I have made numerous attempts. My best one was at night, facing east with the lights of the restaurant and the outdoor fireplace in the background, and no vehicles (adjacent parking lot) in the foreground. It is hard to get all of Joe’s tall oar framed up without junk in the foreground.

    1. Ooooh! Thank-you! Great idea and will do! Also, I’d love other ideas of projects to shoot in and around Fremont! Historically relevant scenes…I suspect you have the prerequisite knowledge to set me in the right direction. Also, if you like any of the photos, I’d happily share for your blog! Let me know!

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