5 thoughts on “Notre Dame

    1. In the moment of making this image, I was struck by how Notre Dame “fit” into Paris. After 700 years, or so, somehow the church and the building and the city had managed to grow together into a consciousness. I adore architecture and it’s influence on people and communities and societies. And I am curious about religion.

      And today, it’s gone. Notre Dame’s influence will remain, and will change over time, and will be rebuilt with our memories and imbibed with what we’ve learned.

  1. Your comment is very insightful, because Parisians do feel that the cathedral is a living part of themselves. For those who are religious (like me), we see that for all of man’s reaching upward via art and architecture, ultimately it was God Who did the most effective reaching — when he sent His Son. That is the essential message of Easter. He is Risen!

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