Saturday Stroll

On the Viaduct

Hundreds of people broke past the caution tape that secured the on-ramps to the now-closed Alaskan Way Viaduct Saturday afternoon for a sunset stroll on the upper deck.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Stroll

      1. Yes. Hard to resist. And, frankly, not secured in any reasonable way.

        The view, the history and the opportunity… just delightful!

  1. Having a tendency to shade at times into the unlawful good part of the spectrum I would have been delighted to partake in this communal sunset-watching had I been in the vicinity. I like your long exposure of the viaduct, too.

    1. Love that turn of phrase “shade into the unlawful…” I wish you’d been there. The scene was both fun and quiet and very communal. A special moment to be sure. Thank-you for the kind comment on the long exposure, too. Be well!

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