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In all my time in Chicago, I’d never been to Midway. Yesterday, I hopped an Orange Line from The Loop and spent some time discovering the airport formerly known as the Chicago Air Park.

Midway is a bit like stepping back in time. I half expected to see Ada Quonset slipping past a gate agent to stowaway on a flight to see her daughter or Vernon Demarest striding through the airport looking to give his brother-in-law a bit of what-for.

The views of the city from Midway or the Orange Line are super sweet. Midway isn’t the best spot for planespotting though; the runways aren’t easily accessible and there’s not much variety in the arriving or departing commercial planes.

And yes, the irony of heading to an airport when I’m not flying doesn’t escape me.

Catching an Orange Line from Wabash and Washington.
Love this look. I wonder how old this sign and clock is…
Looking back in time, a.k.a. Airport, 1970.
A pilot, not Vernon Demarest, arrives at work.
Two birds playing chicken.
“Flightforms”, Richard Hunt. 


Orange reflection on the Orange Line
Chicago skyline from the 6th floor of the short-term parking garage.

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