lucian bernhard

Twin-grip. Non-slip.

With apologies to Lucian Bernhard.

While on a critical mission in Andersonville for some of defloured’s delicious and decadent pastry I spied a logo I hadn’t noticed before on the door of Masters Shoe Repair.

I’m not completely sure why I didn’t notice the logo before now; it wasn’t the first time I’d walked Balmoral Avenue for pastry or with some other questionable intent. If you’re familiar with Masters Shoe Repair you know not much has changed since the mid-60’s or there-abouts.

I recognized, but couldn’t place, the logo before the pastry. After we exchanged money for goods, and checked the quality of the pastries in an epic sampling session, Lucian Bernhard popped into my re-animated soul.

Sure enough, it was an original Lucian Bernhard Cat’s Paw Soles advertisement.

Later that afternoon, I opened up Illustrator and re-drew (below) the advertisement. Deconstructing and reconstructing the work of a brilliant designer is always interesting (and fun).




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