(english) muffins

Like the ones sold on Drury Lane

After last week’s crumpet disastrophe* I’m travelling back into the land of simple doughs and things that taste so much better when made at home.

Muffins. English Muffins. Do you know the muffin man?

The dough was made on Sunday and will rest for ~24 hours before portioned, griddled and slathered with butter and thick-cut orange marmalade. And other tasty things…like a fried egg or tomato and cheese or a fried egg with tomato and cheese… or…

*I made photos of the sad, sad crumptaster but it still pains me to look at the images.

The start of the Starter


The Starter at one hour


The Starter at five hours


The Starter, milk, sugar, more yeast and butter


Flour added, mixed until shaggy


Kneaded for 10 minutes, we’re both ready for a bit of rest


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