erroll garner

Ready Take One

Settling into a Saturday night.

I was happy to find a copy of Erroll Garner’s “Ready Take One” at Sonic Boom in Ballard. He’s always been a favorite: partly because I heard his playing when I was very young, partly because I also knew he was, like me, born and (mostly) raised in Pittsburgh, and mostly because he was brilliant.

Tonight should be a good way to become reacquainted with his music before watching “No One Can Hear You Read“.


This image is a composite of a single exposure of the album near my record player and a double exposure of the sun in the trees in Ballard near Sonic Boom.

I was thinking about Garner’s quote: “I get ideas from everything. A big color, the sound of water or wind, or a flash of something cool. Playing is like life. Either you feel it or you don’t.”

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