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  1. How have you been? Hopefully taking more time to relax? Visiting Fremont? Poor Lenin, I am worried about him. You can see the story of “Ross” in Fremont, on my blog. Yes, it is a Wedgwood blog but I have been putting my Fremont research on there, too, until such time as the Fremont Historical Society gets a new website hopefully this autumn of 2017. I have a new grandson born yesterday!

  2. Hey! Thanks for asking. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately but am on the mend.

    Congratulations on your new grandson! Fabulous news! Hopefully, you’ll meet him very, very soon?

    Yes, I made some images of “Old Vlad” as I called him when I worked in Fremont. I’ll post one tomorrow morning. The Fremont Historical Society is very lucky to have your contributions! Take good care and, again, congratulations!

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