crown fountain

Pro Tip!

Crown Fountain’s cascade of water begins promptly at 7 a.m. The next image I made was a different scene altogether.

Below, the scene I intended to capture and a snapshot of the fountain from a safe distance.

Not pictured: the frame between a peaceful moment and a regretful moment. I intentionally didn’t retouch the water spots from the second image.



  • Tee hee, I am guessing that you were “fountained” by cold water. Ah, the vagaries of photo attempts. Please, just don’t fall off of anything or get trampled by the mayor’s bodyguards, OK?

    • Indeed, I was! I must admit, the splash of water was welcome, even at sunrise Chicago is very hot and humid.

      You know me well, thank-you for the sage advice! I’m heading back home to the relatively safe environs of Seattle!!!

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