muddy waters

Mural Dedication Ceremony

Chicago never passes up an opportunity to close a street, or at least a lane, and celebrate.

Yesterday’s dedication of the 10 story Muddy Waters mural was hard to miss. As I emerged from the Blue Line after my red-eye from Seattle, I spied the crew setting up the stage. The dedication started at noon and if you were walking along State Street, you couldn’t help but stop and listen to the tributes and fabulous band.

At the same time, another great band was playing an epic R&B, soul, disco and blues set on the corner of State and Randolph. Those guys played all day.  All day. I’d say the Chicago Blues Festival started a day early!

The mural, the crowd.
The gathering crowd.
The view from the sidewalk in front of Macys.
These guys played all day!

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