The Spheres

 A Study of the Spheres

A photo study of the Seattle Spheres, as they’re now known.

Amazon is hosting a photo contest of the spheres and I’m hoping these images are, at the least, insight into what I see when I gaze at, and take inspiration from, the spheres while at my perch in Doppler, on my walks to and from work.

You can check out the other entries by searching for #seattlespheres and #amazonemployeecontest on Instagram and Twitter. Super cool to see the spheres through the eyes of my friends and colleagues! Good luck, all!


The Spheres refection against Day One. The contrast of spherical and rectilinear.

((intentionally out of)) Focus

Monochrome | Out of Focus. For me, this image emphasizes the complexity of NBBJ’s structural design.


Three instant photos taken with my lovely Leica Sofort.

SeattleSpheres_May 08, 4 09 55 PM
The view from Doppler (31), window open on a warm spring day.
SeattleSpheres_May 08, 4 09 21 PM
Shape, light.
SeattleSpheres_May 08, 4 09 42 PM
Sacrifice: pulling the film cartridge to create a light leak, spending an exposure (or two) to get the shot I see when the sun is bright and my eyes haven’t adjusted to the sun..


Two “representational” images of the spheres against the sky.



Looking through, seeing the refractions and thinking it would be cool if one was an aquarium.


Australian Tree Ferns: high maintenance. The first plant in the Spheres.
Structures: man-made, organic and reflected.


Looking back at the imagery created in 1962 for the opening of the Space Needle, and all that followed, I hope the Spheres become similarly iconic images of this particular time in Seattle’s history.

The Space Needle, The Seattle Sphere.
Reflections: Notes to my future self.

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