buckingham fountain

Ask and you shall receive!

During our walk along the lakefront after lunch we checked to see if Buckingham Fountain had opened for the season. We were disappointed to find out opening day is May 6th this year. I prattled on for some (too much) time about how I’ve always wanted to see the fountain on opening day.

After we passed Jackson Dr, we noticed a fine mist in the air.

Sure enough, we could see the tip of the center jet shooting its full height (~150 ft) over the tops of the trees! Intrigued, I began to prattle on (again… I prattle) speculatively, “Perhaps they’re testing the fountain today? Do you think we’ll see men with wrenches?”

Indeed! According to the ‘men with wrenches’ today was the first test of the season! What a sight.

The team testing the fountain didn’t have wrenches and that was just fine.



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