Seattle – Detroit – Chicago.

Boarded in Seattle at 11:10, landed in Chicago at 7:45 a.m. I was in Detroit too but I think I slept through the landing, walk to the gate and take-off. Despite being asleep, I still managed to make photos of planes at the gate.

Delta begins non-stop service between Seattle and Chicago; I have a seat on the first flight!

0001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-23 23.36.21
We’ve had a record setting Winter of rain in Seattle this year.
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-23 23.27.34
iPhone bokeh.
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-23 23.27.45
Rain hitting the plane window.
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-23 23.29.34
Longish exposure of the lights during take-off.
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-23 23.36.28
Cowling and precipitation.
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-23 23.37.16
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-24 07.10.26
Taken in Detroit while I was asleep. Kidding, but I can’t say I was really awake. Nice light!
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-24 07.35.28
Delta tails. Detroit.
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-24 07.44.41
Always fun to see general aviation at Chicago O’Hare. $$$
001_SEA-ORD_2017-04-24 07.47.11
O’Hare’s iconic control tower.

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