orange cardamom cupcakes

A question: To frost or not to frost?

But vanilla buttercream is the only appropriate frosting. Either way, hopefully, my pals at work will approve.

Mixing in fresh ground cardamom and grated orange after baking off 4 test cupcakes. Tasty tests, all. 
Finished yet unfrosted.
The difference between 1.1 oz and 1.0 oz of batter.

8 thoughts on “orange cardamom cupcakes

    1. i’m very happy with the result. I ground the cardamom just before baking and baked off a couple of test cupcakes to balance the flavors. Very tasty with the sweetness of orange; I’m going to try lemon next! Let me know if you give it a try!

  1. How did your co-workers like the cupcakes? Did you put on any topping? Sometimes just a sprinkle of something is just as good (powdered sugar, cinnamon, grated orange peel? or for a very plain cupcake like vanilla, put on ganache made from heavy cream, butter and chocolate?) What would happen if you baked this in a loaf pan or cake pan? Would it rise OK or be soggy in the middle? I never make cupcakes any more, too fussy, I just make a loaf and serve it like coffee cake. I like a locally-made box mix brand, Krusteaz, because too lazy to make it from scratch. Even though it says it is a muffin mix it works just fine in a loaf pan. Add stuff like dried cranberries and bits of almonds.

    1. Yes! My colleagues really liked them! Super fun to surprise folks on a sunny, Friday afternoon.

      I frosted one with a vanilla buttercream, this required another taste test (of course!), but didn’t frost the rest of the batch. The buttercream was just too sweet. They were baked in petite paper cups, more like tea cakes than cupcakes.

      Yes: this would work well in a loaf or cake pan, too! An orange citrus glaze would work well with a bit of candied orange peel! I’d bet you could add the cardamom and grated orange to a vanilla mix!

      The views from the top of the Space Needle were incredible yesterday, BTW!!!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of cardamon but I love anything and everything with orange in it so that alone is worth trying these for. I’d say, half-half in terms of frosting. I know some people who love it, and some people aren’t a fan of all the sweetness. I’m a fan, always. Buttercream frosting for the win!

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment. Cardamom is one of those flavors that can be overwhelming to some. Also, I love buttercream, too, if the application is right! I would love to participate in your community! Thank-you for the comment and the offer! Hope you are well!

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