a break in the clouds


This image was made somewhere in the midwest. To my eye, accustom to the views of the Pacific Northwest, the scene reminds me of gazing West across the Sound in the late afternoon. The lower clouds could be the Olympics; the clouds above could be the blanket that often covers Seattle in the fall and winter.



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  1. The lower clouds could be Albuquerque, the upper clouds could be on the mood, how would you know??? You fly around so much, how can you remember where you are??? Oh, and I will be in Fremont on Saturday, where I fit right in (of course.)

  2. The moon, I mean, you could have detoured to the moon in mid-flight. Cause you fly a lot.

    • Keeping a diary helps! My Pops flew around for work when I was a kid, I think I learned to love flying from watching and travelling with him. Fremont! Oh…research or an event? Can’t wait to read your next post! Hope you are well.

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