fascinating day

All the things.

Today started with a bit of snow. Big flakes. Quiet morning. I made a couple of images, here and here, recently so it didn’t make sense (to the pre-coffee me) to make more photos of…well…snow.

I-5 and I-90 closed earlier today after a propane tanker over-turned. The SPD evacuated homeless camps and extinguished their campfires.

As born and raised in Chicago Karen would say, “You’re gonna have that.”

Some time later, actually 3:20 p.m., I noticed the light had changed and looked outside the window.


Suffice to say: the city was not pleased. Significant traffic, generally crazy.

The video below captures the flash of the lightning strike that hit the Space Needle this afternoon.

Another view of the “hail snow” from Amazon Doppler.


Waiting for a bus that, as you read this, still isn’t there.


Crossing 2nd Ave.


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