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So much time, so little to see. Wait…

Our Sunday ritual generally includes Brunch. Chicagoans seem to treat Brunch as more of a food group than a meal.

After a tasty Brunch at Wheat’s End, a delightful little restaurant in Lakeview, we thought we’d have time to visit the Dose Market in the West Loop. We glanced at the clock, appreciated our very leisurely brunch and considered our transit options then realized a visit to Dose Market wasn’t going to happen this Sunday.

So…where to spend the sunny afternoon? Indoors. The sun was deceptive; the wind and wind chill, chilling.

The skies were clear and neither of us could remember the last time we’d been to the top of the Hancock Center. We’d never been together. And so, we went!

While I wouldn’t recommend regular visits to the Signature Room, the drinks are terribly expensive, the views are stunning and it’s important to be a tourist in the city you live.

The John Hancock Center as seen from Michigan Ave.
Karen enjoying the view and pointing out sights. Always good to see the city through the eyes of a native!
Willis, nee Sears, Tower. Soft focus courtesy of an acute angle through a dirty window.

96 floors above the ground

The Hancock Center is 100 floors and 1,128 feet tall (not including the antennas). The Signature Lounge, on the 96th floor, is ~1,030 feet above ground level. The water cribs, Chicago Harbor Lighthouse and even the Adler Planetarium appear to be impossibly small.

Water crib
Chicago Harbor Lighthouse
Adler Planetarium

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