Today’s weather was intense. Seattle started the day with an rainstorm atypical to the area (see previous post).

Shortly after a soggier version of me made it into the office, I noticed a pattern of squalls moving across the Sound. I re-booked my meetings to a corner room on 36th floor of Amazon’s Doppler building to ensure my team and colleagues had a good seat for the show.

The green cast in the first image (below) was shot through a window at an acute angle; the window’s coating creating a color cast I rather like.

The second image is representative of a period of relative calm before the next squall moved in later in the afternoon. The sun broke through the clouds just after I made the image, you can just see the light on the side of the Ferry; the pink glow was brief and subdued.

I wish I could paint.
I should learn to paint.


One thought on “squalls

  1. Oh! The sky was clear at 6 PM and I saw Venus again, so bright and twinkly! There were a few wisps of clouds scudding along the horizon like sailboats. I hope the sky will be clear on Friday night to see the moon, stars, eclipse and comet????

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